Beyond Performance and entertaining audiences, we like to share our knowledge and love of improvisation and performance. We offer several different workshops. Each unique to what we put on the stage. These classes are offered for private groups as well as an open enrollment course. If you want a private class, please contact us via email. 



This course is a technique many improvisers use, but don't know why. In this course we will teach why we use it, and how to use it effectively for yourself as a performer and what it can do for your group as well. This is typically a shorter workshop, but extended classes are available. This class is available to beginners in improvisation and experts alike.


A class not only for technique but also can feed into an Acting Method, to help those non-improvisers perform. In this course you are taught how to create something from nothing by simply using your body, and interacting with a partner. Typically this course is for more seasoned performers, but all are welcome.


A course meant to help those interested in learning how to coach a troupe or performance. Not only is performance a big part of what we do, but so is having someone to keep us in line and direct our scenic work, so every show we are performing at the top of ability.


Not a leading character in the scene, not a problem. We will show you techniques and how to view the performance as an "extra" in the scene. Just because you have no lines, doesn't mean you aren't essential to making the performance amazing. 


The death workshop. A quick favorite amongst performers. Your teacher will teach ways of recognizing death, and how to use it as tool in your improvisation rather than a fear of being taken out of the scene.


What is a fusion play, how do make a fusion play? These are more questions will be answered. We will show you our crazy way of what we do and how we do it.